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Compassionate and positive dog training and boarding

Compassionate and positive dog training and boarding

Compassionate and positive dog training and boardingCompassionate and positive dog training and boardingCompassionate and positive dog training and boarding

Helping you create a forever bond with your dog!


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Rachel Johnson - Dog trainer

 Rachel  has been around animals her whole life and has always had a connection with them, especially dogs. She  graduated from Animal Behaviour College for dog obedience in October 2018. Rachel uses positive reinforcement training, to create a loving and everlasting relationship between owners and their dogs. 


Dog training and boarding

Sometimes our lives get busy and we don't have time to do everything we want with our dogs. That's why Rachel offers board and train. Depending on your dog's needs, she can work with your dog to help build the skills required for your dog to be successful at home.  Not only does your dog get  trained, but Rachel will  teach you and your family how to maintain a well mannered pup. 


Dog walking and drop ins

Do you have a new puppy at home? Don't bother worrying about if or when your pup is going to have an accident in the house or crate, and instead call Rachel! She will make sure your pup is well taken care of whether you want her to walk your dog, or just spend some time with them.  Or if you have a cat that needs some attention, Rachel can certainly give them love too!

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Zenah and Dextar


I started using Rachel's services to help me train my dog in town, since we live in the country and don't easily get those experiences. I am hoping that my dog will be suitable to work as a therapy dog eventually. Rachel was perfect for us since she'd had experience with therapy dog training. She is also very perceptive (reminding me to breathe!), encouraging, and kindly thorough with reminders (it's easy for us to forget to do things... or not do things). My dog was moving ahead in her training so much more quickly with regular work with Rachel. For me, it was very reassuring to have Rachel with me when we had to work on entering a store calmly or walking around calmly inside a store (shout out to Canadian Tire, thanks for being dog friendly). I would have felt like a fool and likely failed without Rachel.

I was so impressed with what Rachel was accomplishing with my young dog and me that I asked if she'd help me work with both dogs out near my place. My 7 year old sometimes-reactive rescue dog didn't get enough training when he was young. Rachel came out and worked with me and both dogs on leaving the house calmly, double-walking leash work, sitting calmly as cars pass, meeting people without over-reacting. I am amazed at how much my older dog is learning so quickly. It's making him a much less stressed and reactive dog.

I highly recommend Rachel's work as a trainer. She's also looked after our dogs and house (including other animals) when we've gone away a few times. She is dependable, knowledgeable, and has great attention to detail. I never worry when I leave my home and pets with her.

 - Catherine Orfald



Rachel Johnson (Endless Pawtential) is truly amazing.  I am a senior with a six month old pup, Molly.  I needed help and Rachel came to my rescue.  She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, professional and compassionate.  She has a clear, encouraging method of positive reinforcement training. Rachel provided notes and homework and even a training/exercise schedule which helped me tremendously.  I highly recommend Rachel for your dog’s training/behavioural issues.  She’s the best!!

 -Pat Fletcher


Rachel worked with my Rottweiler puppy Sofi and introduced her to cats, dogs, and horses. She is one year old now and loves everyone and everything. She is an extremely well behaved girl.  

- Isabelle Sauve



From the moment our Chocolate Lab, Angus met Rachel, he loved her! It wasn’t just the pouch of doggie treats she carried; It was her energy and enthusiasm. This girl genuinely loves her job! After obtaining a detailed history and noting our concerns about our pup, Rachel helped us control behaviours through simple commands, tones and gestures. She took the time to observe and assess each issue we had about our pet. We were amazed by her ability to resolve those issues so quickly!

Rachel is experienced and excels at her job as a dog trainer. We highly recommend her for your pet needs! 

- Dan and Marianne Mciver



We had adopted a puppy (Wally) and Knew that we were going to need some guidance and training for ourselves (it had been 14 years since we’d had a puppy).
Right from the beginning we learned a lot from Rachel, most of all to be patient and consistent. It may sound easy and simple, but trust me it is such a hard lesson to learn.
I know that we’ve got the foundation built for a long wonderful relationship with our pup and we owe it to having a wonderful patient trainer! We wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to anyone looking for basic training or more challenging (stubborn) pups! 

- Kathleen and Kent Cassell



We have the most interesting Pup ( well to us she is) . At 14 Weeks, Georgia Lovey was quiet, kind and very quick to learn new things. At 5-6 months, her alter ego took over ( mostly due to our lack of consistency and our failure to "tough love"). We knew  she was highly intelligent but had concerns that she might go astray with her shenanigans. We called Rachel to help. Rachel worked her charms with Georgia Lovey and taught us the foundations we need to get Georgia back on track . We are amazed every day by  our little Airehead (Airedale) but we are truly amazed and grateful for the guidance we have received from Rachel. We still have some work to do, but thanks to Rachel, we are on track to keep our Georgia Lovey even more interesting.
Thanks So Much
- Georgia Lovey, Robin and Dennis Langlois .



So happy we found Rachel's number. Amazing results with our rescue dog, our goal was to decrease our dogs anxiety plus leash training. Rachel did all that and can do so much more! Oh and BONUS our dog ended up shedding a few needed pounds. Best decision of our family, recommend to everyone. 


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